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    VAPORiTe+PLUS Moisture Barrier

    Installation Guides

    Applying VAPORiTe+PLUS moisture barrier to screed with high moisture content ...


    Installation Guides

    iTe Products introduces a revolution in screed preparation. Watch as we guide you through the correct process, from the tools required to the optimal process. for each step. Products used include LEVELiTe, VAPORiTe and iTe Slurry ...

    Bulking Up LEVELiTe

    Construction, Installation Guides

    Bulking up LEVELiTe: A guide on how to prepare an imperfect screed for the installation of vinyl flooring within 24 hours at a reduced cost. For accurate measurements and a complete Method Statement, visit our website at or contact us at the LEVELiTe Method Statement Bulking Out pdf ...

    IMPERViTe Demonstration


    Cement / Natural Stone Hydrophobic Impregnation System

    IMPERViTe H30 Demonstration


    Hydrophobic Siloxane product to seal natural stone or mortar