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DURALiTe applied over face brick

Installation Guides

DURALiTe®D50 white cement-based finishing plaster is a durable external and internal finishing compound for walls.

Applying DURALiTe skimcoat to exterior walls

Installation Guides

The first weather-proof skim coat, DURALiTe turns skim-coating inside out. ...

Preparing the perfect screed with VAPORiTe, iTeSLURRY and LEVELiTe

Installation Guides

Applying the various layers in the iTe screed system, for the application of final floor finishes. ...

Applying self-levelling LEVELiTe over iTe SLURRY

Installation Guides

LEVELiTe is a self-levelling screed that produces the perfect flat and level screed onto which final floor coverings can be fitted ...

Applying iTe SLURRY keying promoter onto smooth surfaces

Installation Guides

iTe SLURRY promotes bonding between LEVELiTe and VAPORiTe, as well as other smooth substrates such as tiles and epoxy coatings ...