Sports Flooring – Flat out to Victory?


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The sport industry in SA is big business. It attracts Big Sponsorships, Big Media attention, Big Careers and a lot of attention. In order to get support from sponsors and TV and the World media, sports events need to have an international appeal, credibility at all levels and be very well organised.

This means that its foundations have to be exactly right. This means that all the international rules applying to the sport in question are strictly adhered to, and recognised by the sports authorities.

Standards have been set for the grounds, the surfaces the sport is played on and these have to be compliant with international requirements.

When we examine the different sport types, this presents rather unique challenges for the manufacturers of these finishes, whether it is for artificial turf for outdoors or resilient flooring for internal sports facilities.

A great deal of research and development time and money is spent to achieve state of the art products and facilities. This also needs the absolutely correct under-flooring preparation and all the products that go with achieving this.

For indoor sports centres, the need to have the best self-levelling underlayment is critical – the flooring and its substrate must be able to be absolutely flat and even, it must be able to handle the stresses which occur due to the different sports being played on the floor, and be able to last long enough to make the project financially viable. It must also comply with all the ecological factors that play a role in our modern lives, and it must work, always.

At iTe PRODUCTS, we have developed a self-levelling system that really works, and works well. We have developed adhesives that work, really well and for lovers of the great outdoors, we have developed green, eco-friendly artificial turf adhesive that really works, even on solvent sensitive surfaces. Going for gold!

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Sports Flooring Flat out to Victory

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