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    New training centre for leading flooring company


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    Flooring experts need the correct skills and expertise, not only to progress within their own jobs, but also to uphold the quality of service offered by the company that employs them. iTe Products is one of the leading companies within the South African flooring industry for many reasons; however, it is their focus on their people as much as their products that really sets the company apart. iTe products actively supports and promotes local skill-sharing initiatives and has also recently made a substantial investment in a new Training Centre located in the south of Johannesburg.

    About the training centre

    The Training Centre is situated in Alrode, Johannesburg, at the iTe head office and plays a role in assisting existing clients in helping their employees build on their skills, as well as by supporting new companies and professionals to effectively enter and thrive within the South African flooring industry.

    The iTe training centre is now offering a comprehensive training syllabus that includes both theory lessons and interactive practical demonstrations which take place within a realistic learning environment. The syllabus covers various aspects of flooring installation such as:

    • Initial flooring/floor assessments;
    • Assessing the moisture content of a substrate and recommending the correct treatment;
    • Determining the necessary preparatory action required;
    • Selecting the most appropriate floor covering in terms of the unique application and circumstances.
    The registered installers are actively mentored, taught and guided by some of the company’s most respected flooring experts. These experts ensure that the installers emerge from the programme equipped with industry-related knowledge, highly skilled and inspired to continue their journey towards growth and achievement within their vocation.

    About the certification

    Installers who complete the training programme offered at the iTe training centre will be awarded an iTe Products training certification, which is recognised throughout the industry.
    New training centre for iTe Products

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