Levelling the playing field


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In recent years, since fast-track construction technology has become the norm, the standard practice in Europe is to apply a moisture barrier to prevent moisture related issues, followed by a self levelling compound, prior to installation of the flooring. Technology has evolved to a point where the use of older generation levelling/smoothing compounds is no longer an accepted practice. These older generation products, being trowel applied, leave trowel ridges and surface imperfections, detracting from the final aesthetic appearance of the floor covering.

However iTe Products is at the forefront of European technology and produces a full range of true self-levelling compounds fit for purpose. These compounds fl ow naturally, producing clean, level and flat surfaces with no trowel ridges or imperfections. iTe’s technology also allows one to lay the final floor covering the following day with no long waiting periods for moisture levels to drop as found in traditional smoothing compounds in the market. In addition to this, the LEVELiTe range of products harden rapidly and allow walking traffic with 2 hours after application. Please remember that the floor covering finish is only as good as the preparation beneath!

Leveling the playing field

By using the iTe Products full flooring system, you are guaranteed to be ahead of the rest!

In South Africa, SANS 10070:2007 is the standard specification used for the installation of resilient floor coverings, vinyl tiles and sheeting.

According to this specification, a Class A\ finish is prescribed for the installation of vinyl fl ooring. A Class A fi nish requires that the fl atness of the substrate be as follows: 
A maximum of 1 x 3mm vertical deviation (either +3mm or -3mm) on a 3 metre straight edge laid on the substrate, and pivoted around the central point as a radius.

This strict specification can now easily be achieved with LEVELiTe from iTe Products, the True Self Levelling compound, giving your a floor finish that is 100% smooth and 100% fl at.

Leveling the playing field

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