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    iTe Products SANiTe Floors Magazine Editorial – May 2020


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    Hand and surface sanitiser has become the must-have product of 2020, thanks to its proven role in helping to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. Providing hand sanitiser to your staff members (and encouraging them to use it) shows that you prioritise their health and wellbeing. It also goes a long way towards reassuring customers – especially when you’re completing an installation in their home or workplace.

    South African manufacturers have risen to the challenge of producing hand sanitiser, including iTe Products who have leveraged their R&D expertise to create a superior product based on a 70% alcohol-based disinfectant formulation that is not only effective against microbes, but also biodegradable and food safe.

    As you’d expect, SANiTe from iTe Products has been classed as an essential product, which means that it’s available to order online for nationwide delivery at all levels of lockdown.

    SANiTe has been developed in two formats: a pink liquid which can be used to sanitise both hands and surfaces, and a blue gel for personal use. Both formulations have a light citrus fragrance and contain emollients to counteract the skin drying effect of the alcohol content. With a shelf life of a year, SANiTe can be ordered in bulk to ensure that business operations are not impacted by shortages.

    The use of sanitising products like SANiTe is not merely cosmetic: it helps keep people safe and allows businesses that have obtained CIPC essential services certificates to operate safely. When used in combination with physical distancing measures and appropriate PPE, SANiTe can help flatten the curve as our industry adjusts to the “new normal”.

    SANiTe Hand and Surface Sanitisers

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