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People in the building industry need to balance these conflicting needs and demands. One way to do this is to focus our efforts on designing buildings that are fit for purpose and designed to enhance the quality of life of the people who occupy them.

A number of factors make skills development in South Africa challenging. These factors include historical disadvantages, language barriers at learning institutions as well as the complexities related to the multi-cultural composition of out country. Further exacerbating the situation is our drive to build state-of-the-art buildings and fast track progress with the latest technologies and designs, while employing relatively unskilled or inadequately trained workers to complete the task. 

The above scenario has led to skills shortages, polarisation between stakeholders, low quality workmanship, missed deadlines and frustration among various people involved in construction projects, including architects, project management developers and workers.

While it's important for companies in the building sector to be at the forefront of design trends and building technology it's equally important to focus on the training and welfare of the people who are applying and installing the products.

Our industry needs to create training and education schemes to ensure the successful transfer of skills and competencies to the people who use these products. The companies who are manufacturing the products and installing them in projects should train the installers and applicators to ensure that the solutions deliver on their promises.

iTe Products is not only talking the talk - they are walking the walk and following through on these commitments. We train users in how to use the products we manufacture to ensure optimum results are achieved. We also ensure that our products do not contain hazardous solvents.

We are proud to announce the development and launch of the GRIPiTe C60 solvent free contact adhesive. To ensure optimum application of these products, a comprehensive range of tools for the installer/applicator is sold alongside this new adhesive.

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