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Transforming wall surfaces into flat and smooth finishes

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iTe Products is proud to launch a first in white cement-based, skim-coat finishing plaster.


Cement-based skim-coat that rejuvenates Exterior and Interior walls

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Exterior and Interior skim-coating of new and/or old walls has become a reality thanks to DURALiTe, a revolutionary cement-based product from iTe Products.


Four industry challenges faced by the flooring sector

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Stakeholders in the flooring industry need to focus on collaboration to address industry challenges as well as to uplift standards in the sector. Some of the top challenges in the flooring industry, according to iTe Products, include inappropriate products, lack of training, lack of experience and pricing pressure. 1. Inappropriate products Many flooring products utilised in South Africa were des ...


The 7 Ps of Professionally Installed Flooring

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Failing to properly prepare a flood can cause even the most beautiful flooring to be undermined. The 'rule of the 7 Ps applies to correctly and professionally installed flooring: Proper Prior Planning Prevents Particularly Poor Performance. Some of the most common potential pitfalls seen in the market are outline below.Not investing in a thorough screed assessmentThis should always be the first st ...


Ethics & Sustainability important for skills development

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People in the building industry need to balance these conflicting needs and demands. One way to do this is to focus our efforts on designing buildings that are fit for purpose and designed to enhance the quality of life of the people who occupy them.A number of factors make skills development in South Africa challenging. These factors include historical disadvantages, language barriers at learning ...


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New training centre for leading flooring companyiTe Products - Floors Magazine - March 2020 - Editorial