LEVELiTe applied over ceramic tiles products

LEVELiTe applied over ceramic tiles - Method Statement

Work Method: LEVELiTe over tiles Notes:
  • Caution must always be taken prior to installing LEVELiTe Self levelling floor screed over tiles.
  • Check soundness and hollowness of tiles – remove and hollow sounding or loose tiles and apply BONDiTe and then PATCHiTe to fill void as per standard PATCHiTe application methodology.
  • Check for moisture – moisture exceeding flooring covering specification must be dealt with by applying VAPORiTe moist barrier as per VAPORiTe installation specification.
  • Should moisture not be an issue the LEVELiTe slurry application is applied as shown below.





Create the mixture and apply

Mix a mixture of 1 part of BONDiTe to 2 parts of LEVELiTe F30 by volume.
For example: 1 litre BONDiTe to 2 litres of LEVELiTe F30
Mix into a slurry, pour the slurry onto the tiles and apply evenly with mowhair roller, block brush or broom as shown in the photo.


Allow the slurry to harden. Once dry apply one coat of neat BONDiTe over the slurry and allow to dry.
Note: Apply the BONDiTe as thin as possible and where there is ponding brush over it to agitate and
distribute the BONDiTe evenly to dry.


Apply LEVELiTE Self levelling compound (F10, F30 or F50) onto floor as per standard LEVELiTe
application methodology.
Allow the floor to cure and apply floor covering 12 hours installation with the GRIPiTe adhesive range.