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    iTe Products began life in its new form in 2003. We originally intended for cement to be supplanted by newly developed products with the self-levelling compound LEVELiTe to be the champion product of a new kind of company. New directors brought additional expertise to the company - especially in polymers – and encouraged a major R&D effort focussed on innovative new products, and the improvement of existing ones – that would complement LeveliTe.

    As we grew, we realised that cement would remain as one of the foundations of the company, and continue to be important. iTe Products charted a course to become a cement and cement-based products manufacturer.

    The structure of the company today rests on three main product families, which are interlinked and interdependent:

    Flooring installation

    iTe Products has developed a complete flooring installation solution for contractors, from the ground up. We are able to offer a “one-stop shop” saving you time wasted on visiting multiple suppliers. Our preparation, levelling and finishing compounds work together to form the perfect foundation for your choice of flooring, which can then be held in place by our world class adhesives. No wonder our flooring products have been endorsed by Belgotex Flooring.


    Waterproofing has been a natural brand extension for iTe Products. Our waterproofing products not only protect and lengthen the life of floors by preventing moisture seepage and damage, but they also perform a valuable service in times of drought, by eliminating water loss to leakage from cement dams and canals.


    Produced in South Africa by Pharaoh Cement (Pty) Ltd since 2004, our Cement business prioritises quality and customer service over quantity. Being a cement blender rather than a manufacturer, we take pride in developing superior cement products that represent excellent value for money.

    We see the SABS SANS 50197-1 standard as our minimum standard. Our own lab results, SABS, Lafarge and independent laboratory analysis confirm that our blended cement is one of the highest quality in terms of both strength and consistency. We pride ourselves in producing only the best quality blended cement and with each of our bags comes a quality endorsement stamp from LAFARGE Cement!

    By rigorously controlling every aspect of the blending process and automating of raw material dosages to a rotary bagging facility and robotic bag placement, we deliver cement that consistently exceeds every cement standard in the world. Our 2016 Lafarge endorsement bears testimony to our consistent and superior cement quality.